Rental options include: Zone 70, Zone 60, Zone 40 & Zone 20

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Zone 70


Built with a rock-solid core, this high-end rotation laser offers unbeatable performance and is key for long distance applications where high precision and dependability in all kind of environmental conditions are needed.


Zone 60


The Zone60 DG is a fully-automatic grade laser in both axes, specifically designed for construction workers who need the dependability and accuracy of a fully professional grade laser on a daily basis.

Digital grades can be entered up to 15 per cent and is, therefore, suitable for every construction site.

Through the display settings of inclinations in two axes, horizontal and vertical, are very simple.


Zone 40


The automatic horizontal laser Zone40 H is the best construction site laser for rough environments and comes with the possibility to enter grades manually.

Combining solid-build housing with a powerful dependable core, this laser is a long-term companion of choice for any heavy-duty levelling task.

Whether you need an exact reference to pour concrete or an accurate alignment of the formwork, Zone40 H rotating laser will accomplish the task, saving you money and time.

Used best for exterior applications, Zone40 H convinces with high accuracy and an easy as well as intuitive operation.

Zone 20


Zone20 H is an economic and firm entry level laser rotator.

With a solid-built housing and a straightforward interface, this laser offers all functions needed for regular and flexible use.

Zone20 H is an automatic horizontal laser that allows grade setting manually in two axes.
It is easy to use and highly reliable in any element.